Understanding the Differences Between Real Estate Agents and Land Investors

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Mark Dubler

When it comes to selling your vacant land, you’ll likely encounter different types of professionals offering to help. Understanding the key differences between real estate agents and land investors is crucial in deciding whom to work with. Here are three distinct ways to differentiate between these two types of land sale professionals.

1. Selling Approach: Listing vs. Direct Purchase

The primary difference lies in their approach to selling your land. A real estate agent will list your land on a property listing service, aiming to find a buyer. This process often involves showing your land to multiple potential buyers and can be time-consuming.

On the other hand, a land investor, like us at Turbo Land Offers, will directly purchase your land. We don’t list your property; instead, we buy it from you. This approach is typically quicker and more direct. If you’re interested in a direct sale, you enter your information and discover how much we can offer for your land.

2. Timeframe for Sale

The timeframe for selling your land can vary significantly between agents and investors. An agent cannot guarantee a specific timeline as they need to find a buyer first. Selling land can be a slow process, often taking 6-12 months or longer.

Conversely, an investor will have a more definitive timeline for the purchase, as they are the actual buyers. This timeline can be quicker and is often more predictable, based on your readiness to sell.

3. Commission vs. No Commission

A crucial financial aspect to consider is the commission. Real estate agents typically charge a commission for their services, often around 10% of the sale price. This cost can be a significant factor in your net proceeds from the sale.

In contrast, land investors like us do not charge commissions. Our profit comes from either developing the land or reselling it, not from commissions on the sale. This means the offer you receive is the amount you can expect to receive without any additional fees.

Want to Explore Selling to an Investor?

After understanding these differences, if you’re leaning towards selling your land to an investor for a straightforward, commission-free sale, Turbo Land Offers is here to help. You can reach out to us by calling (844) 558-6880 or filling out our online form.

We provide a clear, hassle-free process for selling your land, ensuring you get a fair and transparent deal. Contact us today to explore your options and make an informed decision about selling your vacant land.

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